Once the approval process is complete, Urban Eight will manage the sale of your Property.

Application(s) are made to municipality with approval processes fully managed by Urban Eight.  We liason with Municipal staff and other stakeholders as required to get the job done.

Should the decision be made to proceed, all required professional reports necessary to support the municipal planning process are coordinated by Urban Eight.   

Our team will provide a detailed analysis of the highest and best use of your property including determination on values.

As the only professional team in Metro Vancouver that provides this service, Urban Eight offers a transparent process where you are in full control.  The basic steps of this process are as follows: 

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Urban Eight is a unique consulting firm that blends experienced real estate brokers with urban planning professionals to unlock the potential value of the your property. If you feel you own property that possesses development potential, Urban Eight can work with you to determine the property’s real viability and potential for development.

Determination of a property’s development potential is key to understanding the true value of the property and receiving the highest price when it comes time to sell.  Typically a real estate developer will determine the development potential, work with municipalities to get the necessary approvals and benefit from the overall increase in value that’s created when the approvals are completed.  Instead, we can work with you to navigate the complicated municipal planning process, work with you on your schedule and do it all with no upfront fees.

Once approvals are granted, the property can be sold to a buyer with little to no risk. More importantly, you will have the peace of mind that you sold for a higher price that recognizes the full development potential of property.